Te Reval

Authentic hand-picked single origin gourmet teas and tisanes with all natural ingredients.

Té Reval – A Proper Tea Revival

Té Reval has been making sensational teas since 1944.  Every fragrant drop produced is the culmination of superior craftsmanship, the tenderest hand-plucked leaves, and 100% botanical flavourings.

All teas are single origin; leaves are never mixed from different countries.  And thanks to unique local combinations of micro climate and soil, every plantation used delivers highly distinctive tea.

Té Reval is produced using orthodox methods, so only whole leaves are used and are packed at source in Ceylon to preserve their freshness. The biodegradable pyramid-shaped bags then let your leaves unfurl fully, releasing their exceptional taste.

No wonder Té Reval’s award-winning teas are loved around the world.

The height of good tea

Sri Lanka has the ideal climate and soil to grow abundant, high quality tea. The varied weather conditions and geography all play crucial roles in developing the subtle flavours. From January to May the eastern side of the island takes the brunt of monsoons, while the plantations on the western side reach their prime. From July to October the reverse happens, with high winds and torrents of rain in the west.
Sri Lanka is divided down the middle by the Central Highlands. These peaks rise above 6,000 feet. The highest mountain in Sri Lanka is Pidurutalagala, reaching 8,280 feet…towering over the highest tea gardens. There are six main tea growing regions: Nuwara Eliya, Dimbulla, Kandy, Ruhuna, Uda Pussellawa, and Uva. Dimbulla is the most famous of all. The tea gardens are surrounded by lush rainforests, thick jungles and spectacular waterfalls. Low-grown teas thrive at elevations of 2,000 feet and below. Medium or mid-grown teas are found at 2,000 to 4,000 feet. High-grown bushes flourish at heights of between 4,000 and 6,500 feet. The good quality low-grown teas have brisk properties, making them ideal to add richness to blends. Mid-grown teas are richer; clear, brisk and fruity. Their environment is not as hot and humid as low-growing areas, but still warm and moist. The high-grown teas have intense, powerful flavours and beautiful deep colours. These are some of the best that the island has to offer. The teas provide fruity flavours and fragrant aromas. A quarter of Sri Lanka’s production comes from high-grown teas. At all levels, Té Reval tea achieves the peak of perfection.

Te’ Reval whole leaf black teas

English Breakfast Tea

An award-winning, rich amber tea. Full-bodied and perfect for that extra ‘zing’ to welcome the new day.

Earl Grey

A stunning, fragrant blend of black tea and 100% natural cold-pressed oil from Calabrian bergamot oranges. Zesty and packed with sophisticated flavours.

Ceylon Lemongrass

The finest Ceylon black whole leaf teas are intermingled with long strands of lemongrass. The addition of lemon peel provides a delightful tang of citrus.

Ceylon Spice Chai

Ceylon whole leaf black tea is combined with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and star anise. A gem of a spicy tea with all-natural ingredients from Sri Lanka, ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’.

Te’ Reval whole leaf green teas

Jade Green Tea

All the way from the mountains of Southern China where a revered tea bush flourishes. This is a remarkable light-bodied green tea to revitalise mind and body.

Emerald Sencha

This Japanese-style green tea undergoes a traditional steaming process to produce succulent flavours. This type of tea is renowned for its health benefits.

Green Tea Lemongrass

An exotic twist on traditional tea with lemon. Green tea from Ceylon, with real lemongrass leaves to provide a refreshing burst of citrus and an extraordinary hint of sweetness.

Te Reval Marrakech Mint green tea

Marrakech Mint

A Moroccan masterpiece. This highly acclaimed green tea, with the addition of natural mint leaves, won a prestigious three-star rating at the Great Taste Awards.

Jasmine Green Tea

A carefully crafted blend of long leaf green tea and jasmine petals. The captivating jasmine scent enhances the quality of this fine tea, producing distinctive floral notes.

Rose Oolong

The finest Oolong combines with delicate rose blossoms. The result is an elegant, sophisticated and floral tea. The tea absorbs the fragrance of the flowers and retains a beautiful scent.

Te’ Reval caffeine-free Tisanes

Camomile Fresh

An infusion of whole camomile flowers, with the subtle addition of pure peppermint leaves. Indulge your senses in this floral bouquet.


The finest peppermint leaves are harvested when they are virtually dripping with essential oils. This gorgeous tisane is reputed to aid digestion and boosts the immune system.

Lemongrass and Ginger Twist

A timeless blend of evergreen lemongrass and golden ginger root. The citric flavour is enhanced by the lively ginger and sweetened with rosehips.

Summer Fields

An unforgettable taste of summer. Whole camomile flowers are lovingly combined with hibiscus flowers, pure peppermint and slender lemongrass leaves.